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Dr. Baron welcomes patients of all ages, genders, and races. She has many years of experience with a large variety of skin types. Her knowledge encompasses all dermatologic disease processes involving skin, mucosa, hair and nails.



Dr. Baron makes it her priority to discuss and explain in great detail all treatment options and further work-up if needed. She will attempt to answer your questions and concerns in person as time will allow. Dr. Baron stays very up to speed with her knowledge of new and emerging treatment options for a number of difficult and challenging dermatologic concerns.



A full annual skin exam is a good idea for most of us living in this sunny climate. It is particularly important for those who've had excess sun exposure or previous skin cancer. Dr. Baron will be happy to perform regular skin exams for you and take biopsies of any suspicious-looking growths. She will also take the time to give you some helpful pointers on doing self-exams and learning what to look for when checking your skin.



Dr. Baron is happy to go over personalized skin care with you and to discuss the pros and cons of certain home treatments for your skin type. You are welcome to bring your current skin care products and/or medicated skin treatments if you would like her to help clarify which items can be of greatest benefit (or harm!).



Jennifer Baron, MD
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