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In the ten+ years since opening her private surgical, medical and aesthetic dermatology practice in the heart of Silicon Valley, Dr. Baron has had the front-row opportunity to meticulously research and hand-select the most effective skin care treatments for her patients. Fueled by her focus on restoration and durability, Dr. Baron launched her private label skin care products to deliver potent treatments in gentle, elegant formulas.

Targets of therapy include sun-damaged and aging skin, rosacea and acne-prone complexions, dry and sensitive skin types, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, and more. Therapeutic actions of her products are backed by time-tested and current medical evidence, as well as honest patient (and staff!) results. All Jennifer Baron, M.D. products are cruelty-free.

She also recommends elite sunscreens made by EltaMD and COOLA, rated among the most medically-reliable, gentle and easy-to-wear, and ecologically-responsible sunscreens on the market.

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C Serum Rx

Our one-of-a-kind vitamin C serum with a completely unique delivery system that allows this potent antioxidant to enter the skin layers immediately. You will feel and see the instant glow. Plant-based formula includes calming lavender and other antioxidant botanicals. Free radicals, left unchecked, prematurely age your skin and dull your appearance. Look to antioxidants to help slow the natural aging process.

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