5 Popular Benefits of Dermal Fillers

5 Popular Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Covering an area of about 20 square feet, your skin is the largest organ of your body. The skin’s busy middle layer called the dermis contains a matrix of a protein called collagen. This matrix supports other components of the dermis, including blood vessels, hair follicles, and nerves, and it also supports and nourishes the epidermis, the protective outer layer of your skin. 

Despite its dominant role, collagen volume starts to drop as you get older. Skin loses volume and elasticity, first revealed by fine lines and later by wrinkles as the epidermis collapses into voids in the dermis. Your skin starts to look older as these effects become visible. 

Dermal fillers are a powerful restorative approach that addresses some of the effects of aging skin caused by fading collagen. Strategically injected into your skin, fillers provide the support once given by lost collagen. 

Choosing a medical practice that specializes in aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers assures you the expertise necessary to achieve the best results. Dermatologist Jennifer A. Baron, MD combines her training in anatomy with her clinical experience to offer her patients the finest in cosmetic injectable procedures to keep their skin looking its best. 

5 popular benefits of dermal fillers

Dermal filler products serve as the palette for addressing several signs of aging. Different formulations have their own properties that create the effects required by the unique conditions of your skin. Some filler gels excel at spreading for natural blending while others provide support close to the injection site. Others target the addition of volume. All fillers provide these five popular benefits. 

Non-surgical procedure

Dermal fillers use fine needles to place their gels where needed. No surgical incisions are needed so you won’t develop scars. There’s no need for an anesthetic beyond a mild numbing cream. 

Little downtime

You can schedule a dermal filler treatment without adding recovery downtime to your calendar. The active portion of your appointment typically takes less than 15 minutes, depending on the number of locations treated. 

Volume boost

Dermal fillers add volume where it’s been lost. This additional support creates subtle enhancements to features that suffer from the decrease in natural collagen, places like the cheeks and lips.

Restoration and enhancement

Fillers can backfill acne scars, lines, and passive wrinkles. In some cases, you can choose to go beyond what nature gave you, creating plumpness and contours that you’ve got for the first time. 

Long-term results

When it’s appropriate, Dr. Baron uses Radiesse® calcium hydroxyapatite fillers because of their unique double action. Like other dermal fillers, you’ll see instant results on the day of treatment and full results in about a week. An added benefit is that the ingredients in Radiesse stimulate new collagen growth. While other injectable treatments last between 3 and 12 months, some Radiesse patients experience 24 months before they require touch-up treatments.

Call Dr. Baron’s San Jose office to schedule an aesthetic consultation to see if dermal fillers are right for you. You can reach the appointment line at 408-329-6056. Book your session today. 

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