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What Makes Fillers So Popular?

What are fillers?

Dermal and sub-dermal fillers are high-quality injectable products that improve the appearance and contour your face, under-eyes, nose, and chin. By injecting FDA-approved fillers into precise anatomic locations of your face, Dr. Baron can restore volume and diminish wrinkles and deep folds. She can also perform small enhancements in nose shape and chin contours.

Fillers are an effective way to enhance your natural facial volume and help restore your youthful shape without invasive surgery. 

How do fillers work?

Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra Plus are popular fillers that fill out and soften moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles around the nose, chin, and cheeks. The injectable gel-like filler can immediately add volume to your mid-face region, plumping your cheeks and filling in the creases around your mouth and nose. These special long-lasting fillers can also give your nose and chin more definition, if desired.

Radiesse also works as a collagen stimulator. Injections of Radiesse stimulate your body to produce more collagen, an essential protein of healthy skin. Over time, new collagen continues to build-up in the treatment area, further enhancing your results. Your body also absorbs the Radiesse gel as new collagen grows, so your results both look and feel natural.

While you may have some mild swelling and soreness near the injection sites, these issues resolve within a few days. If you eat fresh pineapple a day before and the day of treatment, bruising and swelling can be minimized.

When should I consider fillers?

Dermal fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm Ultra Plus are each a highly effective way to enhance your natural facial features. Both are especially beneficial for youthful mid-face volume restoration that requires no incisions or downtime. 

You should consider dermal fillers if you’re unhappy with your facial appearance because of the common side effects of aging. Dermal and sub-dermal fillers can immediately improve your facial contours and make you look years younger, so you can prolong or avoid invasive surgery.

During your in-office injection, Dr. Baron may apply a topical anesthetic or perform a regional block at the injection site to keep you comfortable. She is fellowship-trained in injectables to ensure your results are long-lasting and look completely natural. Many people enjoy the extended benefits of Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra Plus injections, which can each last a year or longer. 

You may need more than one treatment to achieve your cosmetic goals. Dr. Baron can also recommend maintenance injections of fillers to help you retain consistent, long-term results. 

Dr. Baron’s patients appreciate the great work she does with dermal fillers, and many have left testimonials to express their satisfaction with their results.

To find out how fillers can revitalize the appearance of your face, call the office of Jennifer Baron, MD, today. If you don't have questions and are ready to proceed right away, Dr. Baron is happy to waive the consultation fee and perform your treatment at the time of your first visit. Please let us know when you call if you'd prefer a consultation only.

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