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How Can I Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin

How Can I Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin

Time, genetics, and exposure to the elements all combine to determine how your skin ages. Fresh, pliable skin is easy to take for granted when you’re young, but eventually relying on youth lets you down. 

There’s no secret to effective skin care, but it does take some planning and commitment. Board-certified dermatologist Jennifer A. Baron, M.D., outlines the components of a self-care routine that features a well-rounded approach to keep the effects of time at bay. Dr. Baron even offers her own line of cruelty-free aesthetic products to round out your skin care plan. 

Develop a regimen

The details of your skin care regimen are largely up to you, as long as you include several important steps along the way. Dr. Baron recommends a twice-daily routine, morning and night, to give your skin its needed attention. Set aside time twice a day, every day, to assure your self-care does what you expect. 

The importance of combinations

Just as no one issue ages your skin, no single solution will turn back the effects of time. Skin care is not a singular task. You need to manage and balance aspects like protection, nourishment, and restoration, and there’s no single product or procedure that does it all. Build a multilayered strategy into your daily plan that addresses the needs of your skin. 

Skin care products

Among your cleansers, moisturizers, and cosmetics, Dr. Baron suggests four important components for daily use. These are: 

The specific products you choose match to your skin conditions and the improvements you want to make, but be sure that you’re always including these essential contributors. 

Lifestyle choices

There are also four lifestyle elements that directly affect the state of your skin. Namely, these are diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep. A balanced diet that’s low in fat and high in fresh fruits and vegetables provides everything your body needs for its own skin care maintenance. The same is true with hydration. If your skin is dry, boosting your daily water intake may be a simple answer. 

Increasing moderate daily activity offers so many health benefits even beyond your skin’s appearance. Stimulation of the circulatory system assures resource distribution for natural maintenance, and it’s no secret that you’ll look refreshed and younger after a good night’s sleep. 

Aesthetic procedures

When your self-care needs a boost or falls short of achieving the desired goals, Dr. Baron is standing by with a full range of medical aesthetic procedures to fine-tune your anti-aging targets. These treatments include, but aren’t limited to: 

The best products, treatments, and combinations for you depend on both your skin condition and your aesthetic goals. Book your consultation with Dr. Baron by phone or online to create the skin care plan that slows down the passage of time for you.

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