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How to Ensure Natural-Looking Filler Results

How to Ensure Natural-Looking Filler Results

Your skin receives much of its structural support from the collagen matrix in the dermis, the middle layer of your skin. As a natural consequence of aging, your body slowly loses collagen volume, typically starting in your late 20s or early 30s. 

As the collagen matrix starts to recede, the outer skin layer, called the epidermis, loses moisture and elasticity. Succumbing to other causes of aging like exposure to the sun, the epidermis begins to collapse into the matrix, causing fine lines and wrinkles. 

As a dermatology specialist, Jennifer A. Baron, MD recommends dermal fillers to many of her patients who seek treatment to slow the signs of aging. Filler products selectively replace lost volume, smoothing and restoring youthful appearance. 

How to ensure natural-looking filler results

When you want filler treatments that blend naturally with your features, the most important factor comes down to your choice of practitioner. While dermal filler treatments are safe with a low risk of side effects, it’s still a medical procedure that requires knowledge of anatomy, injection technique, and maintaining sterile conditions. 

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests that you avoid filler injections in non-medical environments, including home parties, salons, and spas without medical supervision. Your best results depend on the expertise of the person performing your injections. 

Other factors that ensure natural results include: 

Reasonable expectations

Your filler results depend on skin condition and aesthetic goals. Fillers can’t add features you don’t have in a natural way. You’ll consult with Dr. Baron to discuss your aesthetic goals to assure that your expectations are in line with the capability of the filler products. 

Choose name-brand products

This choice goes hand-in-hand with choosing a reputable medical clinic for your filler procedure. Dr. Baron uses filler products from leading manufacturers like Radiesse® and Juvederm Ultra Plus®. Each filler has its own properties and best applications, even within one maker’s product line. Fillers work like an artist’s palette in the hands of a skilled practitioner, matching the right products to your unique needs. 

Full disclosure

When you consult with Dr. Baron, it’s important that you disclose aspects of your medical history, including known allergic reactions as well as medications, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter medications you take regularly. Any of these factors may affect the success of your filler procedure. 

Botox is not a filler

Though it’s also an injectable treatment, Botox® is not a filler. It’s a neuromodulator that helps expression muscles relax, smoothing lines on the forehead and between and beside the eyes. It is, however, an excellent complementary procedure for many patients receiving filler treatments. 

Call Dr. Baron’s San Jose office to schedule your consultation. Your dermal filler procedure produces instant results that roll back the years with long-lasting results. Book your appointment now.

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