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Our Favorite Summertime Skin Care Tips

Our Favorite Summertime Skin Care Tips

No matter which season is your favorite, virtually everyone has a soft spot for the carefree days of summer. Warm days and sunshine provide a feeling of well-being that provides a backdrop for vacations, fair-weather activities, and rejuvenating time spent outdoors. 

No matter what it does for your spirit, the summer sun can be rough on your skin. Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Jennifer Baron, MD knows this better than most. She and her team regularly help patients with the effects of sunshine overindulgence, from dryness to skin cancer. 

There are ways you can ease the risks and nourish your skin without hiding inside during the best weather of the year. We’ve collected our favorite summertime skin care tips to help you enjoy your time in the sun. 

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. And then more sunscreen

Despite the dangers, there are those who still savor the look of sun-kissed, tanned skin, despite the fact it’s a defense mechanism used by your body to minimize sun damage. Those in the know look to artificial alternatives to achieve color, while using broad-spectrum sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. 

In addition, they faithfully re-apply sunscreen throughout the day, as conditions and product instructions require. Since sun damage is cumulative over years, there’s no single skin care tip that’s more important than the consistent and faithful use of sunscreen. 

The importance of hydration

Warmer temperatures and delicious breezes draw moisture from your body as a temperature regulating cycle. From a general health standpoint, you need to increase your fluid intake to replace that lost to warmer temperatures. That seems obvious. 

There are other summertime pursuits that accelerate fluid loss. Iced coffees, sodas, and cocktails are all tasty ways to cool down. It’s important to remember that alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, robbing your body of additional moisture. When you’re dehydrated, precious water goes to move vital organs first, literally hanging your skin out to dry. Keep water intake happening every day, throughout the day. 

The case for light moisturization

You put away your sweaters for the summer. Do the same with your cold season moisturizers. Restore skin-level moisture with a lighter product than you would in the winter to keep things clear for body temperature maintenance. If you’re feeling the effects of fluid loss in your skin, try Dr. Baron’s “Dehydrated” skin care package, which includes hyaluronic peptide serum, a nice, light moisturizer that’s great for summer use.

Vitamin C for the summer

An excellent skin booster any time of year, vitamin C is another component of the “Dehydrated” package since it helps prevent skin pigment issues like sun spots while also improving collagen health and the appearance of fine lines.  

Of course, there’s no single skin care routine that works for everybody or every skin type. These tips, though, present a solid foundation of priorities. Contact us at Dr. Baron’s office to schedule a personalized skin evaluation. We’ll suggest products and techniques based on your unique skin conditions. Call the office today to book your appointment. 

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