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Renew the Skin You're In with a BBL™ Photofacial

Renew the Skin You're In with a BBL™ Photofacial

When it comes to your skin, light is both an enemy and an ally. Photoaging, otherwise known as sun damage, is the biggest cumulative cause of skin deterioration, affecting skin tone, texture, and pigmentation. Beyond the effects of chronological aging determined by your genetics, the light of the sun is your skin’s biggest challenge. 

It may be surprising, then, when we turn to broadband light to trigger skin renewal. The BBL™ Photofacial uses selected wavelengths of light to trigger the deep tissue growth that limits and even reverses some of the effects of photoaging. 

San Jose dermatologist Jennifer Baron, MD recommends photofacials with BBL therapy for a wide range of skin changes that make your skin look older than its years. BBL provides a powerful way to non-invasively renew support tissue below the skin, addressing many of the conditions that detract from your youthful appearance. 

Avoiding ultraviolet

Though light can be both the problem and the solution, it’s important to recognize the range of light. When it comes to photoaging, ultraviolet (UV) light is the culprit. These are the wavelengths beyond the blue and purple colors of the spectrum and beyond the limits of human perception. While both UVA and UVB can raise your risk for skin cancer, the longer wavelengths of UVA are the culprits when it comes to photoaging. 

It’s no surprise that any light-based skin treatment eliminates UV wavelengths. When you turn your face toward the sun, that welcome warmth comes from the opposite side of the spectrum in the infrared wavelengths. These rays penetrate deeply into the skin, acting on tissue in the middle layer, the home of your skin’s collagen matrix. 

Collagen and your skin

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen is an important support tissue for the surface of the skin. Collagen turns over slowly, and as you get older, the rate of production falls off by about 1% every year

Interestingly, your body retains the ability to manufacture collagen much, much faster, but it requires an injury to trigger the process. If you’ve ever developed a raised, light scar after a serious cut, you’re seeing the results of this high rate of production. 

BBL and collagen regeneration

The powerful broadband light delivered by the BBL system warms collagen tissue, simulating an injury and triggering your body into healing mode. When the temperature of collagen climbs to a level called the coagulation point, it’s no longer viable. A natural process starts that flushes damaged tissue, replacing it with new production. 

The benefit of this is that many of your skin pigment issues dwell at the collagen level. With each treatment, you’ll notice that age spots, acne redness, and superficial blood vessels fade or disappear. At the same time, new collagen attracts moisture and builds volume beneath the surface, creating a line-free, hydrated epidermis. 

Find out more about the renewing abilities of BBL therapy with a visit to Dr. Baron’s office. Call the appointment line at 408-214-1330 to schedule your consultation today.

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