Is There a Way to Improve Heavy Eyelids?


Heavy lids can start early in life, but they are usually a gradual event. In some cases, there can be loss of upward vision as well as a feeling and appearance of "looking tired." 

With two board certifications (Dermatology and Micrographic Surgery) and  fellowship training in plastic reconstructive surgery, Dr. Baron is uniquely qualified to help you correct upper eyelid drooping. 

In her expert hands, she can remove the excess skin and repair the upper eyelids without a noticeable scar in her outpatient clinic. No sedation or general anesthesia is required and you will be able to drive yourself home afterward if you would like. Minimal swelling and bruising can occur for the following few days and small stitches are removed after 5 days.

Call for a consultation with Dr. Baron to see if you are a candidate for upper eyelid blepharoplasty and to discuss any questions.

What causes eyelid drooping? 

Heavy upper lids (dermatochalasis), when there is an excess of skin hanging over the upper lashes or reducing one's ability to open the eye fully on upward gaze, is a fairly common condition and can occur gradually or start early in life. The most common causes are hereditary factors.

Treating heavy lids

The standard of care for "hooding" or heavy upper eyelids is a surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty.  Small incisions are made with blepharoplasty and are well-hidden in the natural creases of the upper lids. 

Call for a consultation with Dr. Baron today to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure. She will be happy to evaluate your lids, answer any questions, and provide you with information on after-care. 

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